Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and Mobile pendants are the finish touch of Mobile phones, which can add a unique charm to mobile phones. Flash phone charms, as an unusual mobile telephone charm, have turn one of the most popular decorations among mobile phone users with their shining lights and various plan styles. This article wish explore the charm of flash phone charms from multiple angles and introduce how to use and choose the flash pendants that suit you.

Sparkling mobile phone charms: flash phone charms插图

How to utilize flash phone charms

  • Installing flash phone charms: Installing show off pendants is very simple, just plug it into the 3.5mm headphone jacklight of your phone. to the highest degree mobile phones have this interface, so there is no need to vex about compatibility issues. After the installation is completed, just adjust the position of the hanging decoration.
  • Set up flash call up charms: Most flash phone charms have a switch button, and you can turn the flash on or off by pressing the button. Approximately ostentation call charms can also typeset different flashing modes. Such as breathing light mode, flash mode, etc. You can take the appropriate mode reported to your preference.


Choose the swank call charms that suit you

  • Choose a design style according to your personal style: swank phone charms come in a variety of design styles. You can select according to your personal taste and style. Those who like cute styles put up choose show off pendants with cartoon images. Spell those who like simple styles can select simple flash phone charms.
  • Choose the colour of the pendent according to the distort of the phone: In order to make the ostentation ring charms better integrate with the phone. You can select the color of the pendant that matches the color of the phone. In this way, the Mobile call and the wall hanging ornaments tin submit a symmetrical overall effect.
  • Pay attention to the size and slant of the charm: The size and weight of the undefined are also factors to view when choosing flash ring charms. If the pendent is too large or heavy, it may regard the portability and comfort of the phone. Therefore, when choosing hanging ornaments. It is recommended to pick out a style that is moderate in size and light in weight. So as to achieve the decorative effect without burdening the mobile phone.
  • Pay attention to the timbre and durability of the charms: The quality and durability of the charms are also important factors to consider when choosing swank phone charms. High-quality wall hanging materials can see a long service life, are not easily damaged, and can maintain goodness brightness. Therefore, when purchasing wall hanging ornaments, it is recommended to pick out guaranteed brands and manufacturers to ensure product quality.
  • Consider the functionality of the charm: In addition to decorating your phone, some show off pendants also have other functionality. For example, some pendants have built-in keychains that can be easily decorated on the describe chain. Others have built-in charging cables that can easily charge Mobile phones. If you have inevitably for these functions, you can pick out pendants with corresponding functions.


Flash phone charms have become ace of the most popular decorations among mobile call up users with their unique design style. Shining lights and various functionality. By installing, setting up and choosing flash phone charms that suit you. You put up not only sum up a unique undefined to your phone. But also improve the recognition and usage undergo of your phone. Therefore, if you haven’t tried flash pendants yet, you mightiness as well add a sparkling charm to your phone!

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