Protect Your Baby: Secrets of Phone Charms Care Tips

Telephone charms, as small decorations on our phones, can not only add personality and fashion, but as well show our taste and personality. However, over time, ring charms can likewise be contrived by about factors and become damaged or lose their luster. In order to protect your baby, this article will partake in some upkeep tips for Phone charms, including cleaning, depot and methods to avoid damage.

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Clean Phone Charms

  1. Avoid liquid state contact: telephone charms are usually made of varied materials, such as metal, plastic, gemstones, etc. Some materials are easily unsound by liquids. Therefore, when cleaning call up charms you should avoid exposing them to irrigate or unusual liquids. You put up use a soft, mute cloth to gently wipe off the surface of the hanging, but avoid over-wiping.
  2. Choose the seize detergent: For some stubborn stains, you can choose the appropriate detergent for cleaning. But be troubled to select a cleaner that is non-corrosive and does not hold particulate matter. It’s a goodness idea to test it in an obscure area number one to make sure the cleaner won’t cause damage to the hanging.
  3. Regular cleaning: ring charms tend to accumulate dust and stains, so fixture cleanup is necessary. It is advisable to clean it every II weeks to avoid stains from accumulating on the wall hanging ornaments. At the same time, materials that are easily stained, such as fabric hangings, can be cleansed more frequently.


Store Phone Charms Properly

  1. Dust-proof box: To protect your Pendants from dust, stains and scratches, it is recommended to store them in a closed dust-proof box. This will maintain the hanging ornaments clean and shiny, while likewise preventing the hanging ornaments from colliding with other items.
  2. Individual packaging: For particularly precious or fragile phone charms, look at promotional material them individually. For example, wrap the charm in easy cloth or velvet and target it in a dust pocket for better protection.
  3. Keep away from sunlight and moisture: Phone charms are best kept out from direct sun and moisture. sun and moisture may cause permanent damage to the color and material of the hanging. Therefore, choosing an appropriate storage location and avoiding place sun and humid environments tin extend the living of your ring charms.


Avoid damaging Phone Charms

  1. Avoid impacts: Phone charms are susceptible to impacts and falls, so be careful to keep off collisions with severely objects. There is an option to install a phone case for extra protection and to prevent the charm from organism knocked and dropped.
  2. Avoid chemical substance contact: Some chemicals, such as perfumes, cosmetics and detergents, may cause permanent damage to the material of call charms. Therefore, avoid exposing Phone charms to these chemicals. It is outdone to remove the wall hanging ornaments before using these chemicals to avoid damage.
  3. Handle with care: When installing and removing call up charms, wield with care and avoid excessive force or rough operation. inordinate force or improper operation may make damage to the pendant, such as falling, deformation, or cracking. Therefore, handle Pendants with care to ensure they are intact.


As small decorations for mobile phones, phone charms put up not only when add personality and fashion, merely also show our taste and personality. To protect your preciously ones, we share roughly tips for lovingness for Phone charms, including cleaning, storage and shipway to avoid damage. With specific cleaning, proper depot and attention to keep off damage, we can extend the life of our pendants and maintain their dish and shine. Let us treat our Phone charms with meticulous worry so that they always remain sparkling and attractive.

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