What is a Bluetooth turntable?

A Bluetooth turntable is a music device that combines orthodox vinyl tape players with modern technology. It connects to smartphones, computers and strange devices through Bluetooth technology to see wireless transmittance and playback of music. At the same time, it also has the function of a traditional vinyl group tape player, which can toy vinyl records and reproduce the intoxicating sound quality.

Enjoy wireless freedom in the world of music: Explore the wireless network settings of your Bluetooth turntable插图

How to typeset up the wireless network of Bluetooth turntable?

  1. Preparation: Before scene up the wireless network, we require to prepare some necessary equipment and information. First, work surely your Bluetooth lazy Susan is powered on and working properly. Then, train a smartphone or computer and work sure it is connected to the wireless network. Finally, get your turntable’s teaching manual to learn its staple operation and setup.
  2. Enter the settings interface: unfold your smartphone or computer and enter the settings interface. In the settings interface, find the Bluetooth settings option and tick to enter. In the Bluetooth settings interface, undefined that the Bluetooth go is turned on.
  3. Find the turntable device: In the Bluetooth settings interface, click the “Search Device” button. Your phone or computer will automatically look for nearby Bluetooth devices. Please work sure your turntable is in Bluetooth search status, other than your phone or computer wish not be capable to find the turntable device.
  4. Connect your turntable device: Find your turntable device in the search results and click the Connect button. The call or computer will mechanically couple and connect. subsequently the connection is successful, your turntable device wish be displayed as connected.
  5. Test connection: After the connection is successful, you can screen whether the connection is normal by playing a patch of music. Select a piece of music you like, click the toy button, and you will try the beautiful music sound coming from the turntable, which means you have successfully set up the radio set network.


Advantages of Bluetooth lazy Susan for Wireless Network Setup

The wireless web frame-up of the Bluetooth turntable has several advantages:

  1. Wireless freedom: receiving set network settings make the undefined between the lazy Susan and other devices more elastic and convenient. You put up choose the medicine you require to play anytime, anywhere and transfer it to the turntable for playback.
  2. Music online search and download: Through network settings, you can search for your favorite music online at any time and download it to the turntable for playback. No yearned limited to an express inventory of vinyl records, you tin research and listen to all types of music.
  3. Multi-device connection: through and through wireless network settings, you can connect the turntable to multiple devices at the same time, much as mobile phones, computers, speakers, etc. This allows you to share music with friends or fiddle it on different devices in different situations.
  4. Remote control: Based on the radio receiver network settings, some Bluetooth turntables also support remote control functions. You can verify the playback and intensity adjustment of the turntable through the verify interface on your Mobile ring or computer, which is convenient and fast.


Through wireless network settings, Bluetooth turntable provides medicine lovers with a more convenient and various music experience. Advantages such as wireless freedom, online medicine search and download, multi-device undefined and remote control take into account us to enjoy the lulu of music more freely. However, when scene up a wireless network, we likewise need to pay attention to surety and device compatibility, and update undefined software regularly. We trust that through the introduction of this article, readers put up better explore and use the wireless network settings of the Bluetooth turntable and enjoy the unqualified freedom in the music world.

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